MEFA ESKULAP E - Mobile printer for doctors

MEFA ESKULAP in E version. E as Exclusive.

MEFA ESKULAP E is a mobile printer used to print prescriptions, referrals, recommendations and other medical documents.

The Exclusive version is a printer for doctors with a capacious battery, thanks to which we can print 2000 prescriptions without charging the battery. It is also have a bluetooth module that allows us to print wirelessly from all possible medical prints. A small but very legible display that informs us about what is happening with our printer and also helps in navigating the menu. And finally, accessories such as a rubber cover that can protects our device from damage. Paper stand, car charger, shoulder strap and also a limiter for narrower papers.

Compact size, thanks to which it will easily find a place in a medical bag. Weight with a rubber cover and 30-meter paper loaded is not just a whole kilo!

Like the MEFA ESKULAP S model, the device works with all possible programs for operating doctor's offices, with the difference that the Exclusive version we can take for a home visit. We no longer need to carry prescriptions, referrals and other prints. Now we have all this and many other things in our computer - thanks to the included software. To meet your expectations, we offer a complete solution. Printer + software. The included software will allow you to quickly and painlessly enter the world of EDM (Electronic Medical Documentation).

Printer will work with the following programs:

  • GABeLek
  • KS-GABINET - Kamsoft
  • KS-SOMED - Kamsoft
  • KS-PPS - Kamsoft
  • eMPendium
  • drEryk
  • eZoZ
  • Mediqus
  • Dr. Widget
  • and more...

WARNING ! Printer dosen't work with iOS, osX, MacOS

Sample prints

You can rent a printer with software and accessories from us to familiarize yourself with the solution we offer.

If you do not want to buy the device, we can offer you the leasing of such equipment.

Best Regards,

MEFA Sp. z o.o.