MEFA ESKULAP S - stationary printer for doctors

DMEFA ESKULAP printer in S version as Standard.

Printer for doctors - small, fast and located on every desk, it can surprise many laser or inkjet printers. Easy to assemble paper. No ink, toner, ink - the printout is thermal, so we get a product that will serve us for many years. If you are afraid of high operating costs, the cost of printing a prescription is only two pennies! and that's all. There is nothing wrong here.

MEFA ESKULAP S is the basic version without bluetooth, battery, display and rubber cover. The rest of the printer parameters remain unchanged. Therefore, we can offer a lower price without compromising the quality of the product.

Using an additional stand and JUMBO paper, we can print up to 666 prescriptions without changing the paper.

The device works with all possible programs for operating doctor's offices. To meet your expectations, we offer a complete solution. The included software will allow you to quickly and painlessly enter the world of EDM (Electronic Medical Documentation).

Printer will work with the following programs:

  • GABeLek
  • KS-GABINET - Kamsoft
  • KS-SOMED - Kamsoft
  • KS-PPS - Kamsoft
  • eMPendium
  • drEryk
  • eZoZ
  • Mediqus
  • Dr. Widget
  • and more...

WARNING ! Printer dosen't work with iOS, osX, MacOS

Sample prints

You can rent a printer with software and accessories from us to familiarize yourself with the solution we offer.

If you do not want to buy the device, we can offer you the leasing of such equipment.

Best Regards,

MEFA Sp. z o.o.