MEFA 18 - mobile thermal printer

MEFA 18 is a mobile printer used for printing waybills, labels, invoices and even black and white photos. The list is long and it is impossible to list everything.

The MEFA 18 printer is a capacious battery thanks to which we can forget about charging for a long time. Bluetooth module that allows us to print wirelessly from all programs with this option - and thanks to the MEFA Mobile Printer program available in theGoogle Play store, we can print from devices equipped with Android.

No display is not a problem, thanks to the use of an information diode with variable colors. It is thanks to her that we know what mode our printer is in.

Compact size, thanks to which it will easily find space on every desk.

WARNING ! Printer dosen't work with iOS, osX, MacOS

Sample prints

You can rent a printer with software and accessories from us to familiarize yourself with the solution we offer.

If you do not want to buy the device, we can offer you the leasing of such equipment.

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