MEFA 18M - mobile thermal printer

A printer that maybe looks the same as its predecessor. But don't be fooled by this colorful case. What is most important is hidden beneath it. We will not write about the technical specification, because this can be read in the brochure. Let's focus on things, which is what we can use it for. It would be easier to write for what you can't.

Water supply, gas, freight forwarding, foresters, label printing and many, many other applications. And all this is enclosed in a small, colorful housing surrounded by protective rubber. Rubber provides protection against falls from up to 2 meters. Don't you believe We invite you to our channel on youtube where the test video is located.

MEFA 18M is equipped with a small but very legible display that will allow you to quickly navigate the menu, change settings or view the current status of the printer. The display shows messages in Polish informing us of overheating or lack of paper. The included shoulder strap will allow you to easily move the printer. The weight of such a printer with paper and a rubber cover is only 1 kilogram!

Our printer is equipped with a capacious battery, thanks to which we can forget about frequent charging. Communication with an external device is via bluetooth or USB-C port. Printing is done just like a regular inkjet or laser printer, with the difference that our printer does not need ink or toner. Bluetooth printing is possible even from devices equipped with the android system. Just install our application available in the store Google PLAY .

In summary, the MEFA 18M mobile thermal printer is a printer designed for anyone who appreciates the mobility of field work, combined with reliability and speed. And thanks to additional accessories such as a car charger, bag or paper stop, working on our device stations is even easier and more pleasant.

WARNING ! Printer dosen't work with iOS, osX, MacOS

Sample prints

You can rent a printer with software and accessories from us to familiarize yourself with the solution we offer.

If you do not want to buy the device, we can offer you the leasing of such equipment.

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